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5 Easy Ways to Save Water Today

In light of #WaterSavingWeek and with Earth Hour just round the corner, what better way to recognise this global event but to give you some tips on how to save water at home!

Mar 22, 2018

As more than 97% of the earths water is too salty to use, we think incorporating ways to save water in our daily lives is extremely important. With 70% of all freshwater going into the food we eat, how else would we grow our beautiful tomatoes?!


Here are some tips and tricks for your inspiration, but it doesn’t stop there: we’d love to hear your personal water saving hacks – simply contact us here.


1. Re-use cooking water

Stop and think before you pour that water down the drain! Water that you use to boil your pasta or veggies can be cooled and used to water your plants. Leftover starchy water is also brilliant for adding to homemade pasta sauces!


2. Turn off the tap when brushing teeth/washing hands

It’s as simple as turning off the tap! Most people don’t even realise that they do it but leaving the tap running when brushing your teeth or soaping up your hands will increase your water foot print. So, remember to turn that tap off!


3. Eat vegan meals more regularly

Did you know that vegetarians reduce their food-related water footprint by 36% just by not eating meat and vegans even more by also avoiding other animal products? Of course we aren’t pushing people to go veggie but let the numbers speak for itself – going veggie will immensely contribute towards saving the planets’ water supply!


4. Run your dishwasher only when it’s full

By only running your dishwasher when its full it skips all the unnecessary washes in-between that uses, on average, 6 gallons of water per cycle! That’s the recommended amount of water that we need to drink for 2 weeks!


5. Boil only what you need

Ever find yourself going to make yourself a warm cuppa’ and you mindlessly fill the kettle full? I know many of us are guilty! Only boiling what you need when using the kettle not only saves water but also helps reduce your electricity bill. It’s not too late to start!


Fun fact: Did you know 13 tons of water is used to make your smartphone?

With everyone being mindful about using less water, imagine the impact it could have on reducing water wastage? The family at Mr. Organic will be sure to enforce these tips in the office and in their homes! Happy water saving week!




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5 Easy Ways to Save Water Today
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