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Pasta Sauces

Made from our own sun-ripened tomatoes, by our chef Andrea, with an aspiration to offer a delicious range of sauces.


frequently asked QUESTIONS

Do your pasta sauces contain onion or garlic?
All of our pasta sauces currently contain onion or garlic or a combination of both and are therefore not suitable for people with allium allergies.
Are all of your pasta sauces vegan-friendly?
We are happy to let you know that Mr Organic has become a vegan company in 2017. All of the pasta sauces that we have produced since the beginning of the year are therefore suitable for vegans. Previously we had a Ricotta Pasta Sauce in our range which was not suitable for vegans. This has been discontinued since early 2017- however, some stores might still hold stock of this sauce. For the future we are only looking into providing products that are suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.
Are your pasta sauces gluten-free?
Most of our pasta sauces are gluten-free: Healthier Choice Arrabbiata Healthier Choice Basilico Healthier Choice Bolognese Heathier Choice Mediterranea No-Added Sugar Olives & Capers No-Added Sugar Roasted Garlic Soya Ragu Tofu Ragu Cherry Tomato Creamy Lasagne Creamy Parmigiana Our Seitan Ragu is the only pasta sauce containing gluten, as Seitan is made from Vital Wheat Gluten. Our production completes all necessary precautions to avoid cross-contamination.
Do your pasta sauces contain added sugar or salt?
Our Healthier Choice range (Arrabbiata, Basilico, Bolognese & Mediterranea) does not contain added sugar and is low in salt. For more information regarding ingredients, please check the product descriptions here.
Are your Stir-In Sauces vegan?
In early 2017 Mr Organic has made the decision to go vegan. Our Stir-In Sauces are therefore suitable for vegans and vegetarians and do not contain any animal derivatives.
Are your Stir-In Sauces gluten free?
Yes, all of our Stir-In Sauces are gluten free.
Do your Stir-In Sauces contain onions or garlic?
All of our Stir-In Sauces contain onions or garlic or both and are therefore not suitable for people with allium allergies.
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