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6 Easy dinners for you to try

After a long day at work, you’re hungry and tired and therefore you might not want to start making anything too complicated for dinner.

Mar 12, 2018

But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with these 6 easy (but extremely yummy!) dinner recipes!

Let’s start off with this delicious creamy one pot tofu. This dish is so simple and quick to make yet full of a great creamy flavour. Get your Tupperware ready as this dinner can definitely be used for lunch the next day!


Tofu Bowl

Find this wonderful recipe by @mylifeisforliving here.

The next recipe we have for you are these gorgeous stuffed courgettes – don’t they look amazing?! Just one of the things you can do with the ever-faithful courgette! A tasty and super easy dish- in an edible bowl.


Recipe by @t.h.e.w.a.v.e – find it here.

Next we have a classic easy-peasy pasta for you to try. Nothing can beat a good pasta dish in our eyes and this one really is something else. A gorgeous, quick and easy recipe which will have you going back for more!


Find this simple recipe by @getmucho here.

This four mushroom risotto is a perfect and comforting dish to get you through the remaining winter-y weeks. Creamy, smokey and packed with protein – what more could you ask for?


You can find this wonderful recipe by Gemma from The Compassionate Road here.

Our penultimate recipe is for pea and bean mint patties. These patties can go with any dish or in any type of bun or even as an extra to any burger! There isn’t anything that they can’t do.


Recipe by Gemma from The Compassionate Road here.

The last recipe for you to try is an amazing dish of peanut noodles. These noodles are a big hit with us and with everyone we know! Sriracha, soy sauce and peanut butter… yum!


Find this yummy recipe by Romylondonuk  here.

P.S. they’re all vegan! Enjoy!



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6 Easy dinners for you to try
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