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Garden Organic's tips for Organic Growing

This Organic September, we’ve teamed up with our friends Garden Organic to bring you their top growing tips for your green space. 

Top tips for successful organic growing

  1. Love your soil! Your soil is the most precious part of your organic growing space - if you feed and care for your soil your plants will have the best start in life. The easiest way to nurture healthy soil is with lovely homemade organic compost – it will add vital nutrients and help improve your soil structure. If you can find room in your garden, allotment, or balcony for a small compost bin you’ll reap the rewards with free compost, plus it provides a sustainable way to manage kitchen and garden waste. Visit www.gardenorganic.org.uk/compost for more information. 
  2.  Ditch the pesticides! Pesticides, including weed killers and bug sprays, can destroy other life forms. You might think you are targeting a snail, when instead you could be killing a valuable earthworm, and sprays can harm bees, butterflies and other helpful insects. If you focus on planting and growing methods to increase natural predators you'll have fewer pest problems and you'll be creating a space rich in precious biodiversity.
  3. Learn to live with weeds! They often provide vital food for pollinators such as bees and butterflies. You can manage weeds by pulling them out by hand if they’re starting to take over, just don’t use toxic chemicals. (And if you want to keep your hard surfaces clear, make the weeds a cup of tea! Pour some boiling water on them, when making your own cuppa.)
  4. Bring wildlife into your garden. Mix your flowers and vegetables so the blossoms attract pollinators; leave some relaxed areas as habitats for insects and small animals; plant shrubs and trees for birds to shelter in; build a pond for frogs and dragonflies.
  5. Save your own seeds – it’s simple, sustainable, satisfying and free! Visit www.gardenorganic.org.uk/saving-seeds-easy-way to find out how.
Garden Organic’s Growing Tips
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