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Perfectly balanced, delicious and dairy free Italian pestos! Ideal with pasta and gnocchi.


frequently asked QUESTIONS

Are your Pestos vegan friendly?
All Mr Organic products are vegan and vegetarian, we are happy to let you know that our Pestos are suitable for vegans .
Do your pestos contain nuts?
Our delicious basil pesto is created with cashew nuts. Our Chilli & Ginger, Red Pepper and Sun-dried Tomato Pestos do not contain any nuts.
Do your pestos contain onions or garlic?
Both our Basil Pesto & Sundried Tomato Pesto does not contain onion or garlic. Our Chilli & Garlic Pesto currently contains garlic is therefore not suitable for people with allium allergies. Our Red Pepper Pesto currently contains Onions and is therefore not suitable for people with allium allergies. Please refer to the product description for more information. You can find these here.
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