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One Tree Planted

One of our core values at Mr Organic is taking care of and bettering the planet, which is why we have decided to team up with One Tree Planted to put our beliefs into practice!

May 13, 2018



Who are they and what do they do?

One Tree Planted are an amazing non-profit organisation that plants 1 tree for ever 1 dollar donated! They financially support many various reforestation organisations to carry out planting of tress worldwide.


How do they do it?

Donations from individuals, businesses’, schools and partners are all pooled and sent to the various reforestation organisations where all the costs required to plant a tree are covered.



Why do they plant trees?

Trees have many vital roles on this planet that may not seem visibly obvious.



Whilst it is widely known that trees provide oxygen for us humans to breathe, they also filter the air of harmful pollutants including nitrogen oxides, ozone and carbon monoxide.



In addition, they prevent floods and landslides from occurring due to their complex root structure deeply embedded in the soil that filters water and slows down water absorption into the ground.



Trees are habitual hubs for other plant life, insects, fungi and mammals where not only do they provide food but also shelter for many other living organisms. In the absence of trees, forest and jungle animals would not have a home.


Social Impact

The people immensely benefit from trees as they provide jobs, shelter, an energy source and food in the form of fruit!



People place plants around their homes and offices to help reduce stress levels and promote a state of calmness. It is hardly disregarded that walking through a forest helps with anxiety and allows us to connect with nature so YES to planting more trees!



Did you know that trees can absorb up to 150kg of carbon dioxide per year in addition to reducing temperature of of cities by 8 degrees Celsius?! With more and more people moving to cities more trees in cities would be hugely beneficial for the regulation of the climate!



How is Mr Organic & One Tree Planted going to make a difference?

Mr Organic fully believe in this cause which is why we have decided to help One Tree Planted in planting as many trees as possible! Without plants and trees we wouldn’t have our beautiful tomatoes or vegetables that make up our products.

For 2017 we have planted 365 trees with One Tree Planted for their planting scheme in Rwanda!


Moving forward the Mr Organic Team will be planting 1 tree a day – just a little gesture to spread our positivity across the globe and help Mother Earth ?

Our lovely Andrea has picked this year’s project and decided to support the tree planting scheme in Rwanda, an area where forests have been reduced from 253000ha to 3558ha after the genocide in 1994 – that means that 98.6% of the forest has disappeared within the past 24 years!

The area in Rwanda is home to 60 species including chimpanzees and One Tree Planted aim to revive their habitat by supporting a women’s cooperative led by local farmer Agnes Uwifashije.

You can find out more about this project here.

We know lots of you loyal Mr Organic customers are also huge environmental fanatics so if this is something you would like to get involved with head over to https://onetreeplanted.org/pages/become-a-tree-ambassador where you can become a tree ambassador and start donating today!



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