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Why we went BPA-free

You have probably read about BPA all over the place already – But what does BPA actually stand for?

Aug 5, 2017

Bisphenol A (short: BPA) is a synthetic estrogen which is most used in plastic products. Maybe you’ve already heard about the negative effect of this estrogen on our health, but if not – there are a couple of good reasons to start using products with BPA-free marking instead.

How can BPA affect you?

BPA contains toxic chemicals, synthetics and additives and is prone to have an increased rate of cancer.
You can find BPA almost in all plastic products such as plastic bags, plastic bottles, cans, plastic cartons, tableware and also microwaves can contain a high level of BPA.
Avoiding BPA-containing products can help reduce the risks of cancer, diabetes, birth defects and fertility problems.


How can we reduce BPA?

Reducing contact and protecting ourselves plastic products containing BPA is not as easy. We live in a world full of plastic – and almost everything is made from plastic. If we want to protect our health, BPA-free products are the way to go. It also helps to exchange plastic containers for glass jars or buying products that come in glasses or cardboard cartons.



Mr Organic goes BPA-free

In 2016 we have decided to go BPA-free and changed the lining of our tinned products, which previously contained BPA. These are now BPA-free because we believe that healthy & tasty products that do not cause harm to anyone are most important.


Of course there are still stockists that hold our previous tins. To check if a Mr Organic tin is BPA free, simply look out for the green BPA Free label next to the product label.




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Why we went BPA-free
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