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Happy World Chocolate Day!

We couldn’t be happier that it is world chocolate day today!

Jul 7, 2018

We will surely be munching on all the chocolate we can get our hands on and whichever form it comes in whether its chocolate spread, chocolate ice-cream or a nice cup of hot chocolate!


Here are some fun and interesting facts about chocolate to get you hyped about celebrating the wonderful tree that produces cocoa beans.



1. The smell of chocolate can trigger relaxation by increasing theta brain waves

An experiment on a group of 60 people were asked to smell a variety of scents. Each participant had their brain waves measured and they found that the smell of chocolate caused an increase in the theta brain waves which is associated with attentiveness.


2. The invention of the chocolate chip cookie was an accident.

The chocolate chip cookie was invented by an American chef called Ruth Graves Wakefield and Sue Brides in 1938. They had used mixed broken pieces of Nestle chocolate as they did not have cocoa powder. They later sold the idea to Nestle in exchange for a life time supply of chocolate.


3. Chocolate was used as money

Cocoa beans was used as currency during the Mayan times and the cultivation of cocoa beans were restricted in aim to maintain the exception value of them.


4. The British, Germans and Swiss eat the most chocolate in the world

On average, the British, Germans and Swiss, eat around 11kg of chocolate per person per year! Talk about a chocolate hangover!


5. The world largest chocolate bar was created by Thorntons

For Thortons 100th birthday they created a record breaking chocolate bar which weighed 5792.50kg!

Hot Chocolate


And if you want to celebrate world chocolate day with the Mr Organic chocolate spreads head over to Ocado!



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Happy World Chocolate Day!
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