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Whole Roasted Cauliflower

This Whole Roasted Cauliflower with crushed hazelnuts and juicy pomegranate seeds is the perfect plant based alternative to the classic Sunday Roast.

White Bean & Kale Soup

Cosy up with this White Bean & Kale Soup featuring cannellini and butter beans! Top with homemade herb croutons and plant-based Parmesan for a perfect use of leftover bread.

Watermelon and Vegan Feta Salad with Balsamic Glaze

Looking for a simple and refreshing summer salad that’s perfect for your next garden party? Give this Vegan Watermelon & Feta Salad a try!

Veggie Loaded Black Rice Tacos with Lemon Tahini Dip

These veggie tacos are perfect for Taco Tuesday, or Taco Everyday! Made with fresh vegetables and roasted chickpeas, this nutritious meal is healthy and flavourful.
Vegetable and Ancient Grain Soup

Vegetable and Ancient grain soup

The Flaxseed Oil compliments the moreish soup just perfectly by adding a hint of nuttiness – a pure delight!

Vegan Whipped Feta with Roasted Red Peppers

Whether you’re in need of a party appetiser or just need a tasty dip to share with family, this dish has got you covered.

Vegan Swedish Cinnamon Buns with a Twist

Just look at these amazing creations by our brand ambassador Emelie – the perfect addition to any Christmas party!

Vegan Sloppy Joes

Get ready to get messy with these finger-licking good Vegan Sloppy Joes! This dish packs a punch of flavour that will leave you begging for more.

Vegan Shakshuka Recipe

Recipe by Niki from Rebel Recipes Tinned tomatoes at the ready for this super stunning vegan Shakshuka recipe, created by the one and only Niki from Rebel Recipes!

Vegan Scotch Lemon & Coconut Pancakes

Featuring our Organic Sicilian Lemon Juice, Organic Coconut Oil, and Organic Agave Syrup, these delicious fluffy pancakes are 100% vegan!
Vegan Sausage Rolls

Vegan Sausage Rolls

Packed with herbs and spices, these tofu based sausage rolls are super flavoursome and extra juicy!

Vegan Risoni Soup

Combining our new green pea rice with our classic tomato products and basil pesto, this bowl of soup is full of flavour, texture, and goodness.
Vegan Potato Salad

Vegan Potato Salad

An amazingly quick recipe – perfect for a summery picnic, as a side dish for your BBQ or simply to use up any left-over potatoes!

Vegan Pesto Easter Bunny Swirls

If you’re looking for a tasty savoury snack this Easter, why not whip up these scrummy pesto bunny swirls, using our vegan basil pesto!
Vegan Parmiggiana

Vegan Parmiggiana

Simple ingredients can go a long way with this recipe and create a super-yummy dish for the entire family.

Vegan Paella

Whether you’re a diehard paella fan or totally new to the dish, we think you’re going to love our plant based version of the Spanish classic!
Simple Loaded Nachos

Vegan Mocha-Nut Cocktail

Our lovely friend Celeste from The Girl In The Café has created this stunning cocktail in collaboration with Bailey’s Almande and we think it’s the perfect summer nights delight!

Vegan Lime Cream Pie

If you’re looking for a tangy and refreshing summer dessert, this vegan lime cream pie recipe is the one you need!

Vegan Lentil Moussaka

A special dish for any special occasion. Whether to amaze your dinner guests or to celebrate something at home

Vegan Lentil Bolognese

This lentil Bolognese is not just delicious for the little ones, but will also have you asking for seconds at the dinner table – simply an all-round family favourite!
Vegan Jambalaya

Vegan Jambalaya

This Jambalaya is very easy to make and ideal recipe for batch cooking.

Vegan Frozen Yogurt Crunch Bars

Looking for a refreshingly sweet treat to beat the summer heat? These Frozen Vegan Yogurt Crunch Bars have got you covered!
Vegan Chocolate Panettone

Vegan Chocolate Panettone

This fluffy Christmas panettone is your 25th of December breakfast sorted!
Vegan Chocolate Croissant

Vegan Chocolate Croissant

These vegan chocolate croissants are always a good addition to Sunday brunch in our books! And who would’ve thought their so easy to create!
Vegan Chocolate and Coconut Ice-Cream

Vegan Chocolate and Coconut Ice-cream Recipe

Cone-trol yourself as we are giving you an incredibly simple AND vegan chocolate & coconut ice cream recipe using our award winning free from chocolate spread.
Vegan Carbonara Style Spaghetti With Smoky Baked Chickpeas

Vegan Carbonara-Style Spaghetti with Smoky Baked Chickpeas

With this quirky recipe you can enjoy a simple, vegan version with some added nutrients from the ‘black salt’ and chickpeas.
Vegan Buttermilk Doughnuts

Vegan Buttermilk Doughnuts

Ah, a yummy, rich and sticky doughnut. Covered in melted butter & chocolate topping.

Vegan Brioche Burger

The ultimate burger bun recipe, that’s soft, fluffy, palm-oil free and organic.

Vegan Beetroot Bean Burger

What a beautiful burger… and all completely plant-based!
Vanilla Maca Protein Oats

Vanilla Maca Protein Oats

Recipe by Hannah from Get your prots’ and oats fix this morning with this lovely vanilla maca protein oat recipe

Turkish Style Borlotti Beans Mezze by Jess Beautician

A scrumptious mid-summer dish that can be enjoyed either hot or cold, and is high in fibre and protein!

Turkish Pizza

Also known as Turkish Pizza, our vegan version of Lahmacun is topped with plant-based mince, our Organic Lentil Mix, plus plenty of spices and other goodies.

Triple Chocolate and Pecan Cookies

The perfect treat that can be enjoyed when dipped in a glass of plant milk, especially when they are fresh out of the oven!

Tortelloni in Broth

This cosy Tortelloni in broth is a great way to warm you up from the inside out.
Tomato and Spinach Risoni

Tomato and Spinach Risoni

Legume rice is an excellent substitute for regular rice or pasta in any dish. Lentils are considered as one of the super ingredients.

Tomato and Basil Salad with Pesto Dressing

Enjoy this fresh and tasty Italian tomato and basil salad that is super easy to throw together.

Tomato and Aubergine Bulgur with dairy-free Lemon Yogurt

This Ottolenghi inspired Tomato & Aubergine Bulgur with a dairy free lemon yoghurt is packed with flavour!

Tomato & Chickpea Pasta Bake with tempeh crumble by Nourishing Amy

One of our amazing advocates, the fantastic Nourishing Amy has created this vegetable-packed, nutritious pasta dish which is super easy to make.
Tofu Shakshouka

Tofu Shakshouka

Shakshouka roughly translates in Arabic to ‘all mixed up’ so here’s our all mixed up, vegan, version of this mouth watering dish!
Tofu Mushroom Miso Hotpot

Tofu Mushroom Miso ‘Hot Pot’

This easy one-pot Asian inspired dish was created by Steph, from @plant.steph.

Three Beans ‘Sausage’ Roll

These vegan bean sausage roll are a delicious alternative to traditional sausage rolls. Made with three types of beans, they’re perfect for those looking for a tasty meat-free snack with a spicy kick!

The Best Pizza Sauce!

It’s not a real Italian feast without this classic, so here’s a recipe for creating the perfect tomato sauce for your pizza adventures.
Tempeh Tacos

Tempeh Tacos (ft. Plant Power)

These yummy Tempeh Tacos are packed with protein and perfect for sharing with friends and family.
Tenpeh Marinara with Rice

Tempeh Marinara with Rice

Amy, from @nourishing.amy , shares her recipe for a those looking to make a quick meal.

Sweet Potato, Chickpea & Sun-dried Tomato Pesto Galette

This sweet potato, chickpea and sun-dried tomato pesto galette is the perfect vegan centrepiece for any occasion.
Vegan Chocolate and Coconut Ice-cream Recipe

Sweet Potato and Chickpea Goulash with a Dill Tahini Sauce

Recipe by Eva from Wholefood Warrior Goulash is a beautiful traditional Hungarian dish made with tons of paprika.

Sweet Potato & Black Bean Burgers by Jess Beautician

These mouth-watering homemade black bean burgers are perfect for a bit of comfort. Best enjoyed with some homemade potato wedges and our Organic Vegan Mayo!
Swede and Chickpea Rice Warming Soup

Swede and Chickpea Rice warming soup

We’ve come up with this special swede and chickpea rice recipe for you that is creamy, warming and packed with protein!
Sushi Burrito

Sushi Burrito

It was world sushi day not too long ago and we have decided to give you a very special recipe inspired by Korean sushi (kimbap) in the form of a burrito because the bigger the better right?

Sun-dried Tomato & Chickpea Gnocchi

“A simple, wholesome and comforting vegetable packed lunch or dinner that is ready in 15 minutes using store cupboard ingredients.
Sun Dried Tomato Lentil and Basil Arancini By Jess Beautician

Sun Dried Tomato, Lentil and Basil Arancini by Jess Beautician

Well Jess Beautician has come up with this mouth-watering Arancini recipe which is a real show stopper!
Summer Rolls with Satay Dip

Summer Rolls with Satay Dip

Recipe by Romy from Romylondonuk Summer picnics are taken to the next level with these sumptuous summer rolls!
Stuffed Courgettes

Stuffed Courgettes

Recipe by The Vegan Option Courgettes are not only great as Courgetti – as this recipe definitely proves!

Stuffed Courgette Flowers

Have you ever tried Stuffed Courgette Flowers ? ​​​​​If not, you’re missing out! This tasty treat is the perfect accompaniment to your next meal – and yes, our recipe is vegan.  ​​​
Stuffed Conchiglioni with Vegan Greek Cheese

Stuffed Conchiglioni with Vegan Greek Cheese

Fancy a beautiful, delicious, nutritious dinner? Look no further!

Strawberries & Cream Aquafaba Pavlova

As delicious as it is gorgeous, this Pavlova is sure to be an “ace” up your sleeve for the upcoming summer BBQs.

Squash and Sage Arancini Risotto Balls

Are you an Arancini ball lover? Well here’s our Autumnal twist on this classic.
Squash and Chickpea Rice Stew

Squash and Chickpea Rice Stew

This creamy and delicious Chickpea Rice Stew is perfect for those of you looking for a scrumptious high protein meal packed with nutrients for the winter months.

Spooky Brownies with Raspberry Drizzle

The countdown to Halloween has begun and it’s time to get your bake on. And what better way than with these M(onste)r Organic Brownies?

Spooky Black Mushroom Risotto

Our Organic Black Rice makes for a spooktacular alternative in this “venomous” Risotto garnished with (cruelty-free) eyeballs.
Spicy Arrbiata Pasta sauce by Gaz Oakley

Spicy Arrabiata Pasta sauce by Gaz Oakley

Packed with juicy sun-ripened tomatoes, spicy fresh chilli and fragrant basil this tasty main won’t disappoint if you’re looking for a comforting meal.

Spiced Rice Pudding with Fresh Plums

This Healthy Baked Rice Pudding is the perfect fusion between baked oats and the classic British pudding!

Spiced Coconut Baked Rice Pudding by Jess Beautician

Cosy and indulgent with warming winter spices in creamy coconut milk, this pud is only 10 ingredients and is best served with chia jam!
Spaghetti with Flaxseed Oil Pesto and Peas

Spaghetti with Flaxseed Oil Pesto and Peas

The flaxseed oil pesto compliments the pasta & peas just perfectly with its nutty tone – try it out for yourself!

Smokey Leek & Tomato Pasta Bake

Simple Vegan Tomato Curry

Simple Vegan Tomato Curry

This curry is super simply to create and all you can create it all in one pan!
Simple Carrot Cake Muffins with Apple Cider Vinegar

Simple Carrot Cake Muffins with Apple Cider Vinegar

Who knew that Apple Cider Vinegar can create such tasty, little wonders!
Sicilian Caponata

Sicilian Caponata

Have a taste of a summer in Italy with this gorgeous caponata dish.
Shredded Carrot Salad with Pomegranate Vinaigrette

Shredded Carrot Salad with Pomegranate Vinaigrette

We never knew carrot can be so tasty! This shredded carrot salad is a total game changer!

Seasonal Super Green Spaghetti

This recipe takes the concept of ‘super green spaghetti’ to a whole new level, with the addition of cavolo nero and fresh spinach to create an ultra flavourful, creamy pasta sauce.
Spring Onion and Cannellini Bean Risotto

Seasonal Spring Onion and Cannellini Bean Risotto

why not try out this creamy Spring Onion, Cannellini Bean and Pea Risotto – perfect for a sunny evening!
Shaved Courgette Salad with Chickpea Rice

Seasonal Recipe: Shaved Courgette Salad with Chickpea Rice

Summer is in the air, the BBQ is on and courgettes are in season.
Seasonal Purple Sprouting Broccoli Tagliatelle

Seasonal Purple Sprouting Broccoli Tagliatelle

Well be using this tasty veg to cook up a hearty Tagliatelle using our very own Italian pasta.
Seasonal Braised Chard with Lentils

Seasonal Braised Chard with Lentils

Eating seasonally means you are choosing to eat fruit and vegetables that are fresh, ripe and delicious at the time of year they are grown.

Seasonal Aubergine, Courgette and Chilli Fusilli

Here’s our delicious new fusilli recipe!

Seared Cabbage on Harissa Butter Beans

Packed with flavour! The smoky sweetness of seared balsamic cabbage paired with warm harissa butter beans is a must-try for your next midweek meal!

Savoury Pesto Croissant

Plant-based flaky, buttery, golden goodness meets pesto to turn the classic crowd pleaser into a scrumptious savoury treat.
Savoury and Chocolate-y Picada

Savoury and Chocolate-y Picada

In comparison to other sauces, this one is used in cooking  – instead of being used as a condiment.
Satay Mixed Vegetables Curry

Satay Mixed Vegetable Curry

Get stuck into is this delicious satay, lifted with lots of spices in creamy coconut milk.
Salted Almond Butter and Chocolate Millionaire Shortbread

Salted Almond Butter and Chocolate Millionaire Shortbread

If you’re looking for a tasty afternoon pick me up that’s gooey and indulgent then look no further!

Rustic Tomato Ravioli

A comforting, rustic ravioli recipe featuring our Chopped Tomatoes and Vegan Formaggio Ravioli.

Roasted Smoky Chickpea Carbonara

This carbonara recipe is great not just with spaghetti or tagliatelle, but also works a treat with penne or fusilli!
Roasted Seasonal Beetroot Hummus with Garlic and Herb Flatbreads