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The Organic Experience with Gaz Oakley

At Mr Organic, when you buy a tin of our Chopped Tomatoes or sumptuous Passata, we try to provide you with more than an ingredient, we aim to provide an Organic experience.

Mar 25, 2021

Chickpea Fritters with Gaz Oakley

 What better way to do this, than to call on our good friend, and talented plant based, positive chef, Gaz Oakley!
At Mr Organic HQ it’s no secret that we are all foodies, however our culinary skills are a little lacking, and for lunch we often dive for a tin of our delicious BBQ Baked Beans… So this year Gaz stepped in to show us, and you, how to create 3 wholesome, plant-based, delicious meals using our products.

About Gaz

Gaz is a well-known chef amongst the vegan community and cooks up innovative recipes on his YouTube channel to help inspire people to incorporate vegan meals into their diet. Through doing so, Gaz helps provide food which has a positive impact to the planet, and all those, including animals, that live on it, aligning with our own core values!
If you’d like to try out Gaz’s Chickpea Fritters, Spicy Arrabiatta or high protein Thai Red Curry then be sure to watch his YouTube video below!


You can also find easy to follow instructions for these delicious meals in the recipe section of our website! If you enjoyed making them then make sure to take a photo and tag us on Instagram @mr_organic so we can see your wonderful creations! Have an Organic Day!



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The Organic Experience with Gaz Oakley
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