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Poppadom Tacos

Poppadom Tacos

Fusion food which doesn’t need a lot of work. Why is this combo a winner? The creator behind this dish is Francesca from @healthymumway tell us:
“Poppadoms are a fantastic snack on their own or they can be loaded with either cold or warm toppings and they become a perfect quick lunch or snack”

“Also what better way to fight the current bugs with all the natural antiviral & antibacterial properties of onion and chillies?  I hope you will enjoy my favourite immune system booster meal! “

10 mins

10 people


1 poppadom
2 spoons of Mr Organic Coconut - Turmeric Salsa
A half avocado crushed from the jar
1 leek finely chopped
1/4 of a red onion chopped
Chilli pepper
Fresh mint
A squeeze of lemon juice
A splash of extra virgin olive oil Mr


1. Just simply layer the ingredients on your poppadoms’ and than band them like a taco. Enjoy!



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