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Delicious Doughnuts with Apple Cider Vinegar

Delicious Doughnuts with Apple Cider Vinegar

In light of doughnut day on the 1st of June we have come up with a doughnut recipe that include our wonderful ACV’s! Our ACV’s give a flavourful and tangy kick to these irresistible doughnuts, which are also vegan! Let us know if you decide to replicate this recipe by tagging us in your posts

40 mins

12 people


50g Vegan Butter/Margarine
170ml any plant-based Milk
1tbsp Vanilla extract
50g Caster Sugar
1/2 tsp Salt
350g flour (self-raising preferred, but plain flour works too)
7g dried active Yeast


1. Mix the milk with the Apple Cider Vinegar and set aside in the fridge for 20 minutes where it should curdle. Whilst waiting for the milk in the fridge, melt the vegan butter in a sauce pan over low heat (make sure not to burn it!).

2. Add the curdled milk with salt, sugar & the vanilla extract into a pan & heat up the mixture but make sure it doesn’t boil!

3. Transfer the mixture into a bowl and set aside to cool to room temperature.

4. In another bowl, mix the flour and the yeast, then slowly add the cooled liquid mixture.

5. Time to get those hands dirty! Hand mix the dough and knead on a floured surface for around 5-10 minutes.

6. Leave the dough to rest in a warm place for about an hour with a warm wet towel over the top. After an hour the dough should roughly double in size.

7. After an hour, roll out the dough roughly 2 cm thick and cut out the outer circles of your donuts. Remember they will grow in size when frying, so make sure to not make them too big!

8. Using a sharp round tool cut out the inner holes of the doughnuts. The hole should roughly be the size of the diameter of a shot glass.

9. Set aside already made doughnut shapes for another hour. Do not throw away the doughnut holes as these can be kept and made into perfect mini bite size doughnuts!

10. After an hour, fry the doughnuts & doughnut holes. If you do not have a deep fryer, use a pan with a lid and fill it about 2-3 cm high with oil. Wait for the oil to be properly hot before putting the first doughnut in.

11. Ensure to turn each doughnuts after about 20-30 seconds so that they get equally fried from both sides.

12. Once ready, take out the doughnuts and let them cool down on a cooling rack. Repeat until all doughnuts have been fried.

For the Decoration:

Before starting to decorate, make sure to let the doughnuts cool down for 20 minutes

1. Mix powered icing sugar with water (add lemon juice if tangy taste is desired) into a thick paste. If it is too watery, add more powdered sugar and vice versa.

2. If you are wanting colourful doughnuts, split the icing into separate bowls and add a few drops of desired food colouring to the thick icing mixture.

3. Dip your doughnut face-down into the icing, carefully take it out and place back on the cooling rack. Repeat with the rest and also the doughnut holes.

4. Now you have the freedom to place various toppings such as nuts, chocolate flakes, sprinkles, seeds, etc. Make your doughnuts stand out from the crowd!

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