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Aduki Bean and Sweet Potato Burger

Aduki Bean and Sweet Potato Burger

Stop – Burger Time!

If you’ve ever been wondering what to use our Aduki Beans for – well, wonder no longer! Step aside, because this tasty Aduki Bean & Sweet Potato Burger is coming through!


45 mins

8 people



1 Baby Spinach
1 Dill, fresh
1 tbsp Onion Flakes
1 Medium Sweet Potato
2 tbsp Flour
1 tbsp nutritional Yeast
1/2 tsp Salt
2 tbsp Breadcrumbs
8 Buns
2 Tomatoes


1. Cook the sweet potato until soft – we recommend chopping it into small chunks and either baking it in the oven or steaming it on the stove. Let it slightly cool down after.

2. Combine your ingredients in a medium bowl: aduki beans, spinach, sweet potato, nutritional yeast, salt, olive oil, bread crumbs.

3. Create a burger with your hands using the dough with a bit of flour.

4. Place the burger in a frying pan with a dash of olive oil.

5. Assemble the buns, the patty, some spinach leaves, a slice of tomato & top with mayonnaise and you’re ready to go!

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