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Are you Mr Organic?

For us ‘organic’ is not only about great food without chemicals or pesticides. For us organic is a way of living our everyday lives.

Dec 8, 2017

What does organic mean to you?



Starting from the way we treat our bodies and our minds to our relationship with our people, our communities and our planet.

Organic is not an exclusive benefit for the few, but a choice that everyone can make.

For us, everyone that lives eats positive is Organic – whether you  support your community, care for animals, look after your body, live out your creativity, try to reduce waste or simply take your bike to work.

This is why we support and encourage organic – Mr Organic – as a movement beyond aiming to inspire more positive lifestyle choices.

What makes you Mr Organic?

In November we invited our Mr Organic brand ambassadors and extended organic family to celebrate the launch of our #IamMrOrganic campaign in the heart of London at Icetank Venue.


With delicious food created by chef Andrea Cirino and amazing cocktails by Twist London we spent a lovely evening with a great bunch of amazing & positive people, shared a laugh and made happy memories to look back to.

The ‘original Mr Organic’ Valerio joined the team for the exciting launch of our campaign, bringing along our chef Andrea, who currently develops most of the recipes for our Mr Organic products.Coming all the way from Italy the producers of our Mr Organic pestos and Egg Free Mayonnaise Clas also did not want to miss the event and travelled to London to meet the our team and support the event alongside the producers for our Mr Organic oils Joe & Co.

And of course it would not have been a Mr Organic event without some amazing food! Chef Andrea Cirino  and his team created some yummy goodness with our Mr Organic products for the evening and did a splendid job at ensuring  everybody was well fed.

Did you know that Apple Cider Vinegars are the perfect addition to a cocktail? No? Well, let us surprise you: from Turmeric Trail to Paddington Sour – Neil from Twist London created stunning cocktails for everyone on the evening using our Mr Organic Apple Cider Vinegars and Conserves. Who knew that vinegar could be turned into such great-tasting treasures?!

Keeping up the #IamMrOrganic spirit: during the evening all attendees received little bow ties and bowler hats and were able discover their inner ‘Mr Organic’ whilst photographer Jenny McCord was capturing their personal #IamMrOrganic moment on polaroid – the perfect ‘takeaway’ to look back at a fun event!

A big thank you for everyone that came along to the event and made it an unforgettable evening!




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Are you Mr Organic?
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