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Vegan Life Live 2018

Vegan Life Live this year was amazing! We had such a great time and it was so wonderful to meet everyone who stopped by our stall. We met some fantastic people!

Feb 16, 2018

All of our team here at Mr Organic are so pleased with the weekend and happy that we’d taken part.


Obviously Vegan Life Live is full of incredible food and products. We definitely tried our fair share!! We wanted to share with you the best 5 things that we sampled.

    1. Brain Füd. Yes! The natural alternative to artificial energy drinks. Two of our girls tried this when they were starting to slow down on Saturday afternoon, and it definitely did the trick! Such lovely guys working the stand and their drinks…what amazing flavours! Our favourite was the Pineapple and Ginger. YUM.
    2. Next we have to mention, Norty Puds. A vegan treat! The puds were so delicious and had such great choices. Norty Puds launched at VLL and we salute you! What a great brand. Thank you Norty Puds, for bringing these fabulous treats into our lives.
    3. Another great brand…the Arancini Brothers. Ok, these burgers were next level tasty! Definitely one of the best burgers we’ve ever tried. If you’ve never had one, we seriously recommend you find your nearest restaurant and get down there ASAP.
    4. Optiat is next and if you’re ever looking for a new skincare product, let it be this. From hemp masks to coffee scrubs, Optiat has got you covered. We love this stuff! It is one of our favourite skincare brands.
    5. Last, but certainly not least is ChicP, and my goodness they are great! Come on, who doesn’t love hummus?! This punchy vegetable hummus collection is divine. We cannot fault it. Hooray for ChicP!


We bumped into some of our good friends…our favourite author Magda of Easy Way to Go Vegan and our favourite breakfast queen Bex from Bexfast. There were so many great people from bloggers to business owners and we loved seeing each and every one of you!



Congratulations to winner Laura Jones!
Our giveaway was very successful and we are grateful to all who entered! (Don’t forget to keep an eye out for new giveaways…)


We had our very own marketing ninja Romy do a great cookery demo for the first time. She loved it! Romy is not only a marketing ninja now, she’s taking over the cookery demo world too!



We hope that you had a great time like we did! We wanted to share a few more images from our weekend with you. Thank you Ally Pally for having us at Vegan Life Live 2018!








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Vegan Life Live 2018
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