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A question that we often get asked by our consumers is why our products do not carry the Fairtrade mark.

Apr 25, 2019

While we very much encourage consumers to ask the question of whether or not products are traded fairly, we believe that carrying the Fairtrade Mark is only one of many ways to ensure ethical practice throughout all processes.

We at Mr Organic are convinced that each and every farmer and producer deserves fair wages and safe working conditions. That also means we are more than aware of our responsibility as a food brand to ensure an entirely ethical and fair trading process.

One of our key values is to build fair, long-lasting relationships with our farmers and producers. We are committed to making ethical choices in everything we do, including making sure that all of our stakeholders such as farmers and producers are guaranteed a fair wage and safe working conditions.

While we are dedicated to trading fairly, achieving the Fairtrade certification and being able to carry the Fairtrade Mark on our products requires a great deal of time and money. This means that eventually, we would be required to raise the prices of our products and that is something we actively try to avoid.

Since the beginning, Mr Organic has been dedicated to trading fairly and to ensure that all processes, relationships and products are of the highest quality. This includes keeping a focus on the environmental and social impact of our processes.

At Mr Organic, we guarantee 100% fair sourcing and trading, and we believe that our long-lasting relationships with producers and farmers are proof of our all-embracing ethical practices.



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