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Vegan Mocha-Nut Cocktail

Our lovely friend Celeste from The Girl In The Cafe has created this stunning cocktail in collaboration with Bailey’s Almande and we think it’s the perfect summer nights delight!

5 mins

2 people



30ml The-Girl-In-The-Cafe espresso
50ml Coconut Milk
25ml Vodka
50ml Baileys Almande


1. Put all ingredients into the shaker.

2. When you’re ready add ice.

3. Seal the shaker and shake shake shake!

4. Use the strainer and pour directly into your desired glass.

5. Garnish with freeze dried raspberries (these give it a nice tart zing, cutting through the creaminess) and sprinkle some edible flowers on for decadence. You can get these online easily.

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